Typhoon Blast, 10 oz. aerosol – Chemtronics ES1025


Typhoon Blast, 10 oz. aerosol – Chemtronics ES1025

Typhoon Blast 70 Duster

Typhoon Blast™ and Typhoon Surge™ are the newest class of dusters from Chemtronics, specifically formulated to minimize the use of global warming compounds. They are formulated with HFO-1234ze, a new material that has a significantly lower global warming potential (GWP) than previous materials used for dusters. This new material has a GWP of six, and compares very favorably to HFC-134a (GWP of 1300) and HFC-152a (GWP of 140). In addition, since it has a short atmospheric lifetime with a very low photochemical ozone creation potential, it is not expected to be classified as a VOC.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 22 cm