PCVFL-1 Precision Coupled Visual Fault Locator – OWL

Optical Wavelength Laboratories (OWL)

The Dual OWL is a cost effective, compact, handheld light source. The temperature compensated outputs are calibrated to couple -20dBm of optical power into multimode fiber. The light source comes installed with an 850 nm LED source. The source has an intuitive two-button interface – one button for turning the unit ON or OFF and the other for wavelength selection. LED indicators highlight the selected source and verify that battery power is sufficient to maintain the calibrated output power.

Dual OWL series fiber optic light sources offer exceptional value at an economical price. These LED-based sources provide the fiber optic installer with a stable output when testing multimode fiber optic runs. The Dual OWL 850 offers the fiber optic professional with a simple, yet affordable, option for testing multimode fiber links at 850nm, and can be easily upgraded to include a 1300nm source


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High-intensity visible laser allows for visible fault location of breaks and microbends in both single-mode and multimode fibers
Both Continuous Wave mode and Pulsed mode allow for easy fiber identification
2.5mm universal connector port – allows connection to ST, SC, and FC connectors
Simple single-switch operation
CW Mode – 15 hours use on one 9v battery
Pulsed Mode – 120 hours use on one 9v battery
Low -battery indicator


PCVFL (Precision Coupled Visual Fault Locator) is a light-weight, hand-held tool used to quickly troubleshoot faults in the continuity of both single-mode and multimode fibers, especially at fiber launch points or in OTDR dead zones.

A high-intensity visible red laser beam is precision-coupled into a optical fiber; breaks and micro-bends in the fiber deflect the red light into the fiber jacket, producing a red glow at the point of the fault.
Additionally, the PCVFL can be used as an end-to-end visual fiber identifier, which is useful for locating fibers terminated in poorly
labeled or unlabeled fiber patch panels.

A single switch is used to operate the PCVFL, toggling the unit between OFF, CW (continuous wave), and Pulsed modes.
Typical battery life in CW mode is 15 hours, and the short 12.5% duty cycle in pulsed mode extends the battery life to 120 hours of
continuous use.

The PCVFL ships standard with a 2.5mm universal connector port, which allows for connection to ST, SC, and FC connectors.

Key Specifications

Model Number PCVFL-1
Visual Range up to 5 kilometers (3.1 miles)
Optical Output at least 1 mW red laser
Optical Transmission Continuous Wave or pulsed at 6 Hz w/12.5% duty cycle
Dimensions 4.94 x 2.75 x 1.28 in
Weight 6 ounces

Conforms to the Harmonized European Standards EN 61326-1 and EN 61010-1.

Additional information

Dimensions 4.94 × 2.75 × 1.28 cm


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