MS-26 Large Mid Span Slitter Jonard


LARGE MID SPAN SLITTER: The Jonard Tools patent pending MS-26 Mid Span Slitter is designed to open fiber jackets and loose buffer tubes to provide easy fiber access. The MS-26 is designed to work on cables or buffer tubes ranging in size from 2.9mm to 6.8mm in diameter. It’s sleek ergonomic design allows you to open a jacket or buffer tube without damaging the fiber and features a replaceable cartridge blade set – part number MSB-2968.

The MS-26 was designed with 5 precision grooves which are conveniently identified on the top of the tool. The grooves will handle an assortment of cable sizes. These include:

Groove Sizes:

  • 2.9 – 3.6 mm
  • 3.6 – 4.4 mm
  • 4.4 – 5.2 mm
  • 5.2 – 6.0 mm
  • 6.0 – 6.8 mm


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