Jetting EPFU Accessory for MJet V1 (V1-EPFU-Kit)

The EPFU accessory V1 enables installation to cope with even the smallest cables.

The accessory has a roller and a slip clutch. It is easy to fit using the clamp that normally holds the tube block. It is also equipped with a precision regulator for precise setting off the desired airflow.

Both clamping force and pushing force are continuously adjustable. Reconfiguration takes less than a minute.


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  • Max pressure:  16 Bar
  • Pushing force:  0 – 100 N
  • Speed:  max 150m/min
  • Duct diameter:  5 – 16 mm
  • Weight:  approx 2,5 kg
  • WxHxD:  280x220x310 mm

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 53 × 46 × 26 cm

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