Hexatronic LTT 179 2011 Air Blown Fiber (ABF) Installation Tool kit (demo unit)


Ribbonet® High Performance Blowing Tool

The lightweight and compact installation tool is ideal for quick and easy installation of air blown fibers into microducts. It has been designed for optimal performance in combination with all available fiber units and microducts in the Ribbonet® series. The handheld tool enables the user to control motor speed and direction with a trigger switch. The Ribbonet® ABF Installation Tool comes with a case and all necessary accessories, including two batteries and a charger.

Type: ABF installation tool

Supported products: 1-12 fiber ABF,  5 mm microducts

Installation Speed: 150m/min

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Product Number LTT 179 2011 including:

Blowing tool

Battery charger

Two Li-Ion batteries

Set of air filter and valve

Nozzles for 5mm microducts

Microduct cutter

User guide

LTY 122 01/2 Tripod for stationary use.

LTY 122 02/2 Ball joint for tripod mounting

Unit has been used for demo purposes.

Additional information

Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 21 cm


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