FOX-LCU-SM-09-10: LC/UPC singlemode 900um splice on connector (10 pack)

The FOX Splice on Connector (SOC) is a Field-Installable Connector that is fusion spliced to the end of the cable. The factory pre-polished ferrule eliminates the need for polishing, adhesives, index matching gels, and crimping in the field. Using a fusion splicer to terminate the connector in the field provides a very reliable connection and minimizes the potential for operator error and expensive connector scrap. It also addresses return loss concerns associated with other field Connectorization methods. Splice on Connectors are compatible with most fusion splicer’s that use fiber holder-based fusion splicing platforms.


  • Connectorization in RF-overlay, Cable TV backbone networks, outside plant, MDU, FTTP Cabling
  • Fiber to the Home (FTTH)
  • Central office connector replacement
  • Data center installations
  • Fiber to the Desk (FTTD)
  • Anywhere mechanical splice, polish type connectors, or fusion spliced pigtails are used.


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  • Simple, Fast, & Consistent Field Termination
  • Field installable in less than 3 minutes
  • Fiber in connector is stripped and cleaved, ready for splicing
  • Fiber in connector manufactured by Prysmian/Draka
  • No adhesives, crimping, mechanical splices, index matching gels, or polishing
  • True APC performance for LCA & SCA
  • SM Compliant to Telcordia GR-326
  • MM compliant to TIA/EIA568C.3
  • Compatible with most fusion splicer’s
  • Eliminates the need for splice trays and splice panels
  • EZ Open packaging organizes the parts in the correct order making it easier for the installer
  • Reliable splicing process virtually eliminates callbacks for connector problems
  • Flame Retardant Connector Housings
Connector Types LC
Polish Types UPC (Singlemode)
Fiber Types Prysmian/Draka G.652.D Singlemode
Cable Types 900 micron and 250 micron coated fiber
Insertion Loss SM: 0.15 dB (average), 0.3 dB (maximum)
Return Loss  (UPC) SM: ≤ -65 dB
Operating Temperature -40°C to +75°C

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Dimensions 14 × 8 × 8 cm