1.25 LC IBC 9393 SingleFiber Cleaner


1.25 LC IBCSingleFiberCleaner 9393 USConec


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The US Conec IBC™ Brand Cleaners are mechanical cleaning tools designed to clean connectors residing in an adapter or faceplate and unmated connectors. The IBC™ Brand Cleaning tools use a novel dry cleaning strand to gently sweep and lift away dust and residues from the connector end face.

    • Simple pushing motion to engage tool
    • Audible CLICK to alert the operator when tools is fully engaged
    • Over 525+ engagements per unit
    • Dry cleaning strand eliminates the need for solvents to be effective
    • Crush resistant to over 250N
    • Impact resistant to survive drops over 1.5M
  • Telecom Central Offices
  • Data Centers
  • Cable Television Head End
  • Outside Plant and Fiber To The Home
  • Fiber to The Antenna for WiMax and Cellular Networks
  • Fiber Optic Broadcasting including HDTV
  • Fiber Optic Military and Civilian Aviation
  • Military and Civilian Maritime Optical Networks
  • Fiber Optic Satellite Communication Systems

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