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The EasySplicer is manufactured in Sweden and is designed for daily use. It is compact and extremely rugged, very easy to use and is designed and focused on ease of

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The EasySplicer has only 3 buttons to navigate, with the main button performing the splicing. It is very precise; typical splicing losses are 0.03db (single mode).

The EasySplicer will also perform a pull test prior to giving the estimated splice loss. It will also advise the operator prior to splicing if there is a problem with the fiber and will identify the problem (eg “Bad fiber”, “Dirty fiber”).

The battery pack is small but powerful. It can perform up to 40 splices before requiring recharging. Extra bettery packs are also available to extend splicing time. These are easily exchanged in the field.

The SBFS1 is one of the most inexpensive handheld splicers on the market yet has a performance equal to or better than units 4 or 5 times more expensive.


Techical Specifications

Splicing method                              V-groove (cladding alignment).

Fiber Types                                      SMF, MMF 50/125μm and 62.5/125μm fiber, 250μm primary and                                                                      900μm secondary coated fiber.

Fiber Handling                               Fiber holders, 2 pairs (250 and 900).

Splice Programs                             3 pre-defined. SMF, MMF, OM1.

Typical Splice Loss                         0.03dB SMF, 0.01dB MMF.

Typical Cycle Time                         7s + 35s (splice + oven cycle).

Sleeve Dimensions                         Max 64mm length, 2-5mm diameter supported by oven.

Communication                              USB, mini usb plug.

Memory Internal                            1MB, External SD-Card.

Monitor                                             LCD, color, 2.8 , 320×240 pixels.

Magnification                                   Camera 140x.

Operating Environment                 0-40°C, max 95% RH, non-condensing.

Size                                                      230x98x53mm.

Weight                                                800g.

Power Sources                                  External power supply, 6V, 1.5A, 100-240VAC 50-60Hz, Built in Li-Ion                                                              battery pack.

Splicing Capacity                              60 splice + oven cycles.

Additional Features                          Loss estimation, Fiber fault detection, SD-card for logging etc.